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Community Activities 2008

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Upcoming Community Activities:

Current or Past Community Activities:

  • Volunteer Recognition Dinner - Saturday, December 13, 2008

    The Department of Homeland Security strongly recommends that volunteer fire departments such as WRCVFD formally recognize volunteers and otherwise encourage continued volunteer participation and recruitment. In this spirit, each year in December WRCVFD holds a Volunteer Recognition Dinner to honor of all who volunteered.

    This year's dinner at Station #1 was a success, with beautiful decorations and lots of good food. Everybody enjoyed the festive decorations put up by Janette Kilby and Tom van Dalen with some of Santa's helpers. The kids enjoyed their presents from Santa (Clint Redwine) with the help of Amy Cox and Tom van Dalen.

    Attendees enjoyed the potluck buffet. There was a honey-baked ham from Ron Berry and one deep-fried and one smoked turkey prepared by Ken and Darla Ritchie. The buffet also included many side dishes and desserts brought by volunteers and supporters, including homemade sweets such as carrot cake and a beautiful coconut cake.

    After the meal, Raymond Roddy gave an overview of what has transpired in the past year with the Fire Department, such as the building work done on the new fire station #3 at Grande Vista Bay. He also presented the Firefighter of the Year award to the deserving volunteer Steve Koren.

    Next, the new treasurer talked about the financial support showed by the community as a result of the fireworks sale, the yard sale, and the in-progress cookbook sale. He also reminded people that the coming year might be much leaner due to the widespread economic crunch, and that we needed to think about other ways to raise monies yet at the same time trying to be more cost conscious in our daily operations. Everyone was reminded to lower the thermostat when no one is in the building and to turn off lights when not in use.

    The entire dinner was coordinated by Regina Durham, the new secretary, who also has coordinated the cookbook project. In all, it was a great party because so many people came together and helped to make it a success, including people such as Jason Kilby, Eric Cox, Larry Crabtree, Gary Riggs, Mickey Smith, and Chaplain Bruce Foster, not to mention all the silent elves.

In Station #1 just before the dinner
Firefighter of the Year Steve Koren at the dinner

See more photos in the Photos section.

  • Veteran's Day - November 11

    Together with all of the United States, WRCVFD observed Veteran's Day as a day of remembrance.

Veteran's Day 2008

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  • Rockwood Fall Festival - Saturday, October 25, 2008

    The City of Rockwood held its annual Rockwood Fall Festival on Saturday, October 25, 2008, from 10 AM to 7 PM. WRCVFD attended, giving out the smoke alarm safety message "Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries." November 2 is the date this year that we turn back our clocks for the end of Daylight Savings Time. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped!

thumbnail of Smoke Alarm Poster 2008 used at Rockwood Fall Festival [D]

Click to download 8.5x11 smoke alarm poster
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Mascot design donated by Shannan Greenhouse.
Smoke alarm graphic adapted from public domain
United States Fire Administration (USFA) safety ad.

  • Annual West Roane Community Luncheon Get-together - 1st Sunday Afternoon in October at Camp Buck Toms

    Camp Buck Toms was the location of the 2008 Annual West Roane County Community Luncheon Get-together on Sunday, October 5th starting at 12:30PM. Ranger Dave of Camp Buck Toms hosted the event. This was a great opportunity for the West Roane Community to meet neighbors as well as learn about the need for Fire Department volunteering. Six residents at the events signed up to volunteer for WRCVFD.

    Sunday also marked the beginning of National Fire Prevention Week, and WRCVFD volunteers helped by conducting safety and First Responder demonstrations.

    Ranger Dave supplied the meat and drinks. Community members brought side-dishes, bread, and desserts.

    Many thanks to all who helped with this free annual tradition.

    Directions: Follow the signs to get to Camp Buck Toms. From the old Highway Patrol/driver's license testing place (the small brick building one block south of the last traffic light on Highway 27 in Rockwood), turn east onto Nelson Street. Follow Nelson Street past the elementary school out of town, where it becomes Pumphouse Road. Pass the water treatment plant, then bear left onto Ables Valley Road. Follow Ables Valley Road, then go left at the Buck Toms/Harbour Pointe Marina sign onto Winton Chapel Road. Once on Winton Chapel Road, pass Crystal Cove, then the marina, then pass Eagle Furnace Road, staying on Winton Chapel. (Some people call Winton Chapel Road by the name Rodgers Lane after passing Eagle Furnace Road.) Turn left onto Camp Buck Tom Road (called Camp Bucktom Road on some maps) and continue to follow the Buck Toms/Boy Scout signs to the main building. You can't miss it. See also the Boy Scout maps to the camp.

Prevent Home Fires logo 2008

Learn more: National Fire Prevention Week 2008

  • Open House, 1 PM to 5 PM on Saturday, September 27

    West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department held the annual Open House at Station #1 at 1303 Pumphouse Road on Saturday, September 27th from 1 PM to 5 PM. WRCVFD personnel shared information about fire safety and also hosted a Live Fire Training session attended by many firefighters from Roane County and environs. Light refreshments were provided free of charge.

  • Fireworks Sale, June 24 - July 5, 2008

    The West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department helped with a Fireworks Sale from June 26 through July 5 from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily. The sale was in the tent across Highway 27 opposite Wal-Mart.

    The sale, conducted by a local church with the assistance of WRCVFD, concluded safely and successfully. Preliminary numbers are in: the volunteers' assistance yielded an estimated donation of $3,617.78 for WRCVFD.

    Free fireworks safety brochures were available at the sale. See also: Fireworks Safety.

    A large part of the annual WRCVFD budget comes from donations so community support for the Fireworks Sale was much appreciated. Many thanks are owed to the 44 volunteers who assisted with publicity, setup, sales, and cleanup.

Fire Works Sale 2008

2008 Fireworks Sale Poster

  • WRCVFD Yard Sale

    The West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department hosting the Spring Yard Sale on May 9th and 10th from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM both days at Station #1 in Rockwood, TN on Pumphouse Road. Volunteers helped with pickups of donated items, signage, cleanup, decorations, and publicity. Volunteers also staffed the yard sale. Many thanks to all who helped through donations or volunteering.

    A large part of the annual WRCVFD budget comes from donations so community support for the Yard Sale is much appreciated.

Yard Sale May 9-10
Arson Awareness Week 2008 Poster - Toylike Lighters – Playing with Fire

Arson Awareness Week 2008 Poster - Toylike Lighters – Playing with Fire

  • National Volunteer Week: Finding Out More about Volunteering: Informational Meeting - May 3, 2008

    In honor of National Volunteer Week, WRCVFD held a meeting for people interested in finding out more about volunteering here. The meeting took place at 10 AM on Saturday, May 3, at Station #1 on Pumphouse Road.

    National Volunteer Week began on April 27, 2008 and continued until May 3, 2008. This week is used as a celebration for all those who volunteer countless hours of their lives for the greater good of their communities and also serves as a time where others also volunteer their time to help the community. If you have been considering volunteering, now is a great time to start. More information can be found on the Opportunities page.

  • Thunder Road 2008 Festival in Rockwood, TN - April 19, 2008

    WRCVFD had a table at the Thunder Road celebration in Rockwood, all day Saturday, April 19. Safety brochures and pumper pledge posters were available. A good time was had by all. Thunder Road celebrates the historical East Tennessee moonshine era.

  • Boot Drive for Autism - April 12, 2008

    FireFighter of the Year Dvorak is organizing a Boot Drive in support for a cure and treatment of autism. The event will take place at the Rocky Top intersection of Gateway and Rockwood Street on Saturday, April 12, at 8:30 AM. Meet at Station No. 1 at 7:30 AM. Call 931-230-5673 for details.

  • King Day of Service: A National Day to Volunteer

    January 21, 2008: This year's M. L. King, Jr. Day of Service is a day on, not a day off here at WRCVFD. King Day is an excellent time to give something extra back to the community. This year's theme for this nationwide volunteer effort is Everybody can be great. Because everybody can serve. Remember: no one is too old or too young to start helping. To find out more about volunteer opportunities at WRCVFD, call Charlie Mead at 354-1993 or see: Volunteer Opportunities.

WRCVFD is one of hundreds of organizations in states and cities nationwide to honor the legacy of Dr. King. In 1994, Congress passed the King Holiday and Service Act, directing the King Center and the Corporation for National and Community Service to carry out a day of service reflecting Dr. King's life and teachings.

David Eisner, chief executive officer of the Corporation for National and Community Service, said, Martin Luther King said, Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve. We honor the life and legacy of Dr. King by doing things that help others and strengthen communities.

For more information about the national day of service, please visit www.mlkday.gov.

Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve: MLKDay.gov.


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