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Internships for WestRoane.com

  • WestRoane.com is currently looking for interns. This is a great way to learn your craft by applying it to help the West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department. You can learn to use diverse web development skills such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, and much more. It is not all web development though. You can also optionally learn other valuable skills such as writing news stories and programmer's documentation. There is much to learn that can prepare you for a career in web development.

    Each internship would be under the direction of an Associate Member, who would be expected to oversee the student's progress and provide the college with two formal evaluations per term. Each new intern will have an opportunity to learn accessible web design and to choose from XHTML, CSS, PHP, preparation of web graphics, and techniques for web security.

    A prospective intern should have some experience with making web pages using at least HTML, be very attentive to detail, have access to a computer and the Internet, and preferably have an excellent command of written English.

    In Summer 2011, intern Stephen Sexton wrote a series of PHP programs that counted visits to each page by all time, month, week, and day, then displayed lists of pages in order of popularity.

    My internship with WRCVFD was a huge learning experience. Before I started, I didn't know anything about PHP. Now, leaving, I feel like I could make an entire website with PHP. At first you are walked through everything, which is great for starting out. Then you slowly work more and more on your own. If you are in need of an internship or just wanting to learn more about the web, take an internship with WRCVFD.

    -- Stephen Sexton, 9/8/2011

    Also in Summer 2011, Michael Nagle wrote PHP programs for his Pellissippi internship with WestRoane.com. His main project was a PHP program to keep counts of document downloads. In support of this, he wrote another program to crawl the site, creating or updating a .csv file listing all site documents while assigning each a unique ID.

    My internship with WestRoane.com was great. I was encouraged to try the work on my own and help was always available if it was needed. The staff was very professional and friendly. I would recommend WestRoane.com to anyone wanting to learn PHP.

    -- Michael Nagle, 7/27/2011

    In Fall 2010, Rebecca Thompson wrote PHP programs for her Pelissippi internship. She delved into the parsing issues in the new Weather.gov xml alerts feed beta, used PHP to pull the time from the United States Naval Observatory atomic clock, posted a news story using XHTML and CSS, and earned a certificate in accessible web design from Section508.gov.

    In Summer 2008, Bradley May served as a Pellissippi intern with WestRoane.com, writing and posting news pages, revamping the image folder file structure, producing RSS feeds, adding web photo albums, and more, using CSS, XHTML, and PHP.

    My internship with WRCVFD was a great learning experience that expanded beyond the classroom. The staff at WestRoane.com encouraged me to take on new and challenging projects that enhanced my skill set further.

    While with WestRoane.com I learned a great amount in regards to PHP, server administration, and various file structures. The staff is always willing to help with any questions you may have.

    My internship at WestRoane.com provided me with great real-world web design experience.

    -- Bradley May, 8/1/2008

    In Spring 2008, WestRoane.com had three interns from Pellissippi State Technical Community College. All three had opportunities to broaden their skills in many fields. When asked for comment, intern David Stevens said, This internship has helped me more than my classes have. There is no substitute for learning in a real life environment and I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything. Working with WestRoane.com has definitely been a highlight of my college career.

    Anyone interested in becoming an intern of the WRCVFD, please contact webmaster @ westroane.com.

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