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  • Fire Chief Charlie Redwine is pleased to announce the results from ISO's November 2013 inspection.

    He wrote, WRCVFD's classification has improved from a 6/9 to a class 5/8b. I would like to thank those who worked so hard in getting our department ready for this inspection. As with any fire department and community it is a big deal for us. Hats off to those who assisted. A copy of the Score Summary is available for review at Station One.


  • The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has for many years done evaluations and ratings of the fire protection provided in communities. This system is called the ISO Public Protection Classification program, or PPC. The PPC process grades a community's fire protection on a scale of 1-10, based on ISO's Fire Suppression Rating Schedule.
  • Some insurance companies use ISO's PPC evaluations as a factor in setting the premiums they charge for property insurance; the better the community's PPC grade, the lower the premiums the insurance company would charge for property insurance in that community.
  • ISO's data on fire losses indicates that communities with better fire protection as evaluated by the PPC do in fact tend to have lower losses from fire damage than other communities.

    pie chart of ISO Fire Rating Factors: water supply, 40%; equipment, 26%; personnel, 15%, alarm and dispatch, 10%; training, 9%.


  • In July of 2004, WRCVFD achieved an ISO rating of 6. This improvement in the rating, from 9 to 6, translated for some insurers into a reduction in homeowner fire insurance premiums in the Fifth District. The actual reduction in premiums varies and is dependent on your individual insurance company.
  • There is an additional factor involved in the homeowners' reduction in fire insurance premiums. Even though the ISO rating has been improved to level 6, typically the homeowner must be within 5 miles of th fire station and within 1000 ft. of a hydrant to qualify for a premium reduction.
  • This factor was alleviated by WRCVFD with the acquisition of tanker #3; the Department is currently qualified via the Tanker-Shuttle system to provide enough water so that these restrictions no longer apply.
  • In theory the entire Fifth District could benefit as a result of this improved ISO rating.

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