What Fuels Your Fire?

How to Put Out a Kitchen Oil Fire

Also: See this kitchen oil fire video on YouTube.


If your chip pan [Editor: cooking pan or fry pan] catches fire, don't panic. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off the heat.
  2. Run a cloth under a tap and wring it out.
  3. Cover the pan and then wait until it has cooled right down.

Don't try and move the pan and, whatever you do, don't throw water over the fire. The effects can be devastating.

Fire kills. You can prevent it.

-- The Fire Brigade

  • Tips:

    • The purposes of the cloth is to shut off the oxygen supply to the fire, so don't use a cloth with holes in it.
    • Don't throw sugar or flour over the fire. Doing so can make the fire much worse.

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