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News-September 9th, 2010

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  1. Firefighter Recognition Ceremony in Downtown Rockwood.
  2. Free Smoke Alarms for West Roane Low-Income Rural Residents
  3. West Roane VFD Just Misses Winning a Michigan Power Cleaning Foam Fire Suppression Grant
  4. WRCVFD Smoke Alarm FEMA Grant


  1. HIGH FIRE DANGER ALERT: Burning Permits Required October 15 through May 15.

  • Fire Departments to be Recognized for Their Service 9-10AM 9/11.

    Updated 9/9/2010: Come recognize our local fire departments for their service on Saturday, September 11th, from 9-10 AM at the Rockwood City Park downtown by the fountain. Both Rockwood Fire Department and West Roane Volunteer Fire Department will be in attendance.

    Note that some West Roane County VFD volunteers will still be at Station #1 passing out free smoke alarms at 9 AM.

  • Free Smoke Alarms for West Roane Low-Income Rural Residents

    West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department will be handing out free 10-year smoke alarms at Station #1 at 1303 Pumphouse Road, Rockwood, Tennessee, from 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, September 4.

    A grant from FEMA is providing 538 smoke detectors. Volunteers from West Roane VFD wrote the grant application that enabled this giveaway.

    Households in the West Roane service area--outside Rockwood city limits--are eligible. On this map, look inside the dashed red lines but outside the golden area of Rockwood proper.

    Residents will be given detectors on a first-come, first served basis. Preference will be given to low-income households. Up to two detectors per household are allowed.

    Correct placement of smoke detectors is very important. Residents who want help with installation of the detectors can schedule an appointment for West Roane VFD volunteers to properly install the devices.

    This giveaway will be repeated every Saturday until the detectors are all given out. For more information, call 865-354-8201.

  • West Roane VFD Just Misses Winning a Foam Fire Suppression Grant

    July 8, 2010 Update: WRCVFD had a chance to receive a Michigan Power Cleaning ultra high pressure foam system from Operation Wildfire, the company's donation program. Volunteers worked hard on the grant application and had great hopes.

    Volunteers were just notified that the WRCVFD application had ranked in the top five nationwide. However, this year there was only one grant offered; despite the Department's good showing, West Roane lost.

    A foam unit like the one sought would greatly increase WRCVFD firefighting capabilities, especially on back roads and in wooded areas where the large tankers and pumpers cannot go. Because the water used is made into very tiny droplets with more surface area, it is said that the unit uses an order of magnitude less water than water-only methods and re-ignitions are reduced. Another plus is that the unit's hoses are much lighter and easier to handle than conventional water-only hoses.

    If the department had received the unit, volunteers planned to convert their 4WD work truck into a brush truck with the foam fire suppression unit mounted on the back.

    Let's all hope WRCVFD is this year's winner. The whole county will benefit.

  • West Roane to Receive FEMA Smoke Alarm Funds

    Volunteers at the West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department have just received notice from FEMA that 538 10-year smoke alarms are to be included in the organization's grant funds.

    Once the alarms arrive, they will be distributed to 269 local families, 2 to a family.

    WRCVFD is very grateful to FEMA for these safety-related funds.

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